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A C.H.E. (Classic, Heritage, Exotic) look back at the NAD 3020A By Steve Graham   History Well, right off it’s not exotic.  Far from it, but that’s the point.  The NAD 3020, introduced in the late 1970s, was surely a reaction to the receiver power wars that began in the same decade.  The big Japanese manufacturers were trying to outdo one another with monster receivers sporting power outputs of 250, or more, watts per channel.  The NAD 3020’s 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms (but capable of more power into lower impedances) was the anthesis of the behemoth receivers. NAD took a different tack, touting quality watts over quantity watts.  Wrapped in a plain package (no champagne gold anodized front panel full of switches and knobs) it caught the attention of many seeking decent fidelity at a super-reasonable price.  NAD brought high-end sensibilities to mid-fi price levels.   The 3020A seen here, the first revision of the 3020, corrected a few circuit anomalies of the original. Later revisions featured upgraded speaker connectors, and a purist version that dispensed with tone controls.  A stand-alone preamp based on the preamp section of the 3020 was also offered.  There’s a Wikipedia page dedicated […]


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