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Six Acoustics’ ‘York’ Phono Pre-amp – A Smooth Operator ‘In the House’ Review by David Neice MSRP: $499 (CAD) Verdict: A small Canadian audiophile company called ‘Six Acoustics’ offers a new and lovely little phono pre-amp (the York) at a decent suggested price. After my review period, I would characterize the sound field it throws as ‘velvet smooth’ and certainly worthy of serious consideration by the audiophile community. This phono preamp is almost a custom product as they are made in small quantities and the build quality is to the highest standard. The York phono pre is highly flexible regarding resistive and capacitive loading, and can therefore accommodate the complete range of both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges. If you are looking for a high quality phono preamp from a Canadian company, I would recommend you take it for a spin. Yet Another Phono Pre? Outside of the hi-end audio community nobody even thinks about a phono pre-amp as a useful consumer device. Even with the resurgence of vinyl the average user is mostly unaware of the virtues of having a separate phono stage. Low end turntables generally offer some limited RIAA equalization on board as do […]


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