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Audio History Refurbished & Revisited: The Spendor BC1 Loudspeakers ‘In the House’ by David Neice   The Setting I bought a brand new pair of Spendor BC1s in and around 1975 – voila, the original sales slip. This makes my pair 46 years old, but thanks to a refurbishing I did two years ago they are still going strong. Over the decades many, many components, including speakers, have come and gone from my system, but I can never muster the courage to sell the BC1s. They are like old slippers that you just cannot bear to part with even when the dog has chewed them to a frazzle. Spendor was at that time strictly a niche product hardly known outside the broadcast industry, and very few shops had even heard of them let alone had them for sale. I lived in mid-town Toronto at the time, and there was a high end shop located right downtown called Ring Audio. A few of the U of T graduate students (and I was one) used to hang out there to feast our eyes and ears on the latest British gear. The word on the street was that the British hi-fi press was over […]


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