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From Denmark With Love – A Mini System for 2021 ‘In the House’ Review by David Neice List Prices (MSRP) Dali Spektor 1 speakers $399 CAD Tangent Ampster BT II $349 CAD Tangent CD II  $349 CAD Tangent Tuner II  $349 CAD   Verdict: Are you young and just getting into hi-fi? Do you need a second system for the office, your bedroom, cottage, or wherever? Are you downsizing to a smaller house or condo? This review might be an answer to your prayers. The DALI Spektor 1 speakers are tiny but mighty, and the Tangent separate components are mini-system sized, and modularized so you can buy what you need – and stack them. The whole thing will fit into a large shoebox and the sound is strikingly good. The price is right too. For under $1100 (before tax) you get terrific speakers, an amplifier that includes Bluetooth streaming capability, and a quality CD player. An optional FM Tuner is also available. Or, say you already have a source (or just want streaming), the amp and speakers would be under $750. In today’s rather expensive audio market, never has so much been offered for so little money.   Remember…..the Mini-system? […]


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